Thursday, October 22

Excressing = Excited + Depressing

Yesterday was the official last lecture I attended in New Zealand.
It was Language Teaching 301.
It was with Tan Bee Tin.
I have mixed feelings.
Though I love that I don't have to attend lectures anymore,
I betcha I am going to miss it.
I am now left with two assignments to submit
and two exam papers to sit.
I am going to leave New Zealand soon.
For good.

p/s: I haven't slept yet tonight in order to finish the assignment which is due today.

1 comment:

Noor Ashraaf said...

bukan cepat kaye yea fina,

tapi investment jangka panjang, 3,5 tahun.

lebih tinggi dividen berbanding asb! iaitu 15% setahun!