Saturday, January 2

Welcome 2010

I dreaded a bit writing about new year resolution. Especially for this year. I've been in holiday mood and not thinking about anything too seriously for a month now. And it felt great.

For the time being, all I can think of that I wanna do are:-
  • have a slumber party with the gurls (i wanna gossip till the sun goes up)
  • travel around Malaysia esp visit Sabah and Sarawak (If I manage to travel whole NZ, I should be able to do this in my own country)
  • road trip with friends (doesn't matter far or near)
  • attend someone's wedding that is truly my own friend (I never been to my own rfiend's wedding. It had always been my mom's or dad's friends or relatives. This year, I want to attend my own friend's wedding. Or at least their brothers or sisters. I want to receive the invitation card with my name)

So, I finally found my last year resolution, here.

There were :=
  • watching a circus - I always wanted to see it
  • going to a fun fair with ferris wheel and cute games with a guy would win me a huge teddy
  • Australia trip - Miss my gurl frens or some of the guys too
  • Nintendo Wii - I just thought that's the gadget for me
I manage to complete three from the four. I didn't have a chance to buy Nintendo Wii. I'm to flat broke last year. Doing the other three on the list.

I did brag about this stuff before, here.

I am going to carry forward the dream of possessing Nintendo Wii to this year.


Hisyam said...

"I manage to complete three from the four"

That'd actually be 2.5 out of since the part "with a guy would win me a huge teddy" didn't happen (or at least not "huge teddy" hehehe).



But you did go to two circuses instead of "a circus". So yeah, that'd compensate and bring it back up to 3 out of four.

Horay. Good going, Dzeti!

aediasri said...

update la sket pasal reu tu :)