Monday, October 25

Chocolate chips

I didn't particularly like to share stories about my practicum. Not that it was bad, it was awesome with too many classroom management but I just don't like to bore you with the stories.

I was reading Ain's blog the other day when I felt like sharing my own story on the same matter.

The gossip started when the students always saw me and HR riding the same car together to and from school. Sometimes, me and HR did paired teaching or sometimes he entered my class to supervised the technical stuff (LCD, Laptop etc). For them, we were close.

Not that me and HR didn't try to not to be together, we did. But I do prefer to eat together. So we went to canteen on our separate ways. We sat as far as possible during assemblies and other public events.

Some thought we are married since we 'live' together (because of the car sharing). Some thought we are brothers and sisters (because apparently, for them, we look alike). Some just thought we are lovers.

So I fed their curiosity.

To some, I admit we are brothers and sisters. Another lot, I said, we are match made in heaven.

Usually, I told them a sad love story. How I really love HR and did everything I can to be with him, but he did not like me. He rejected me and he fell for my best friend. Sometimes I even add in the tears. I am dramatic like that.

They all mostly were sad for me. And never bugged me again.

And not once they questioned me.

To the teachers, I said we are just friends.

And you think only students like to gossip...


Maysih said...

Haha. I love the sad love story. Thankfully, no students of yours came to pick a fight with me for breaking your heart.

And not like the story is ever going to happen.

Loving Life said...

ish, tragik btul. hmm.. i wonder what hr tells them? ;)

yantie said...

haha saddd love story?? omg u and HR couldnt be happier. dzeti the drama queen =p