Tuesday, August 2

That's what she said

I asked Saqinah whether her name is spelled with 'k' or 'q' , she said 'Q' , 'Q' as in "drama Queen", which what I usually associate her with. Well she is.

And I love her for that.

She makes me laugh with her dramas and her ability to nag. Oh, she is also the Queen of Nagging! Like one you would bow to. Totally.

She keeps me sane at times. (Only because she is more insane than I am).

So, the other day, as she was using the laptop on my table, she was saying, "How does it feel to work with a mirror in front of you?"

And she answered her own question which made me laugh, "Must feel like Dzeti!"

Saqinah, Felicia and Syaz
the ones who keep me happy here

at the no-fun land


pinkrain said...

omg. dat is so true about her.drama queen.

Princessfad said...

i miss saqinah!=D