Sunday, November 6

Excuses, I know

Ok, I rarely wash my car when I'm in GM. That is no news.

Apart from being kedekut, there are not many options of car wash here. There are some, but most of them look too dodgy.

My excuse of not washing the car at home? My next-door-neighbour are mostly single males. On both side. They like to do what males like to do. So, we usually stay inside. As much as possible. If we really need to go out, we quickly do it. Yeah, they also like to bersidai outside their house.

When I arrived from GM last Thursday, my car, which is not so clean, became so dirty. With mud and rain and dirt and red soil.

It felt like I just arrive from some pretty ulu place. Which is quite true.

Urgh, wash car quickly to enter civilization. Anyway,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha!!

p/s: I cuti sampai hari Selasa. Yay!

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