Saturday, February 18

Quirky Me

I am a tiny bit eccentric.

I remembered that I opposed people who have many perfumes. For me, one should only have on signature scent. Because for me even scences can make a person.

If the person like fruity smells, the person is like this like that. Or vice versa.

I believe in one scent for a person.

That is until I discover The Body Shop perfumes.

I love most of the scents and it is affordable. So I have a few of the ranges as well as my DKNY Be Delicious.

I still believe in one scent for a person.

But nowadays, I choose my perfume according to my dress colour.

If I am wearing pink, I'll go for Lychee Blossom.
Blue is Aqua Lily.
Usually Vanilla.
Sometimes when I am feeling elegant, DKNY Be Delicious of course.


Loving Life said...

yay, me love body shop too.

Hisyam said...

i love ur fragrances though they are unnecessary. i prefer DAMD Dzetilicious.