Thursday, April 5

Warm feet

My single days are numbered.

I may no longer have the sleepover with the girls, thinking only about myself, the long hours chatting about nothing, the selfish ways, looking at other men (or form five boys) or sleeping at random hours for long random hours. I may still do those but it won't be the same or as frequent.

I must think about this other person. Can he tolerate those behaviour? What does he want to eat? Are his clothes clean? Does he like that? Will he be okay with this?

Don't get me wrong. I want to be married. To HR especially. I do.

But I am scared. Nervous. Afraid. Fear. Distress. Anxious. Terried.

All that.


felicia~ said...

and so..that was why you asked us that question just now...

Don't worry babe, you be fine.. happily fine.. doing all the nasty things.. oops.. i mean, u know what i mean ;)

its ok to be scared now, you still have me to layan your gedikness. treasure it!!!! :P

Fatin Nordin said...


farah, s. said...
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farah, s. said...

ont b scared baby. married life is sooo beautiful. but the most important thing is to give and take :)