Monday, February 18

One in 2013

I know it is very late to wish Happy New Year. Like almost three months too late.

I'm good at pretending to be busy. Making me feel worthwhile.

Anyway, my resolutions are mostly recycled. From yesteryears.

Something new this year is I want to have enough money to be a house. I want my own house. I don't want to be paying any more rent. It's so useless!

Of course houses are effing shit expensive these days. Especially if I want to settle down in KL area.

I was thinking, to myself mostly, about buying somewhere near to KL like Seremban, Senawang or Nilai. I can't live too far from civilization. Just ain't me.

Now, if anyone can help me tell my mom about that, thanks.


PrincessFad said...

yes. effing mahal kot harga houses skarang!i can't live far away from civilization,too!so, let's be neighbors!:P if and only if i have loads of money now. wolud want to buy a house skarang jugak!

felicia~ said...

babe, i did not know that you want to 'be' a house... i hope i can help you make your dream come true ~~~ :P *trolling*

alfina said...

Fad: Lets be neighbour!!!

Felicia : Dang you for pointing that out.. i totally didnt notice.. lol
Let me not be a house and let me buy one or more!