Wednesday, March 20

5 movie/tv series characters that I like to date

.. if I was given permission by HR, that is.

Oh, not simultaneously. =)

#5 Ron Weasley
There's something more towards the geeky clumsy boy. He grew up to be an awesome man~

#4 Chuck Bass
The bad boy charm~ Always!

#3 Peter Parker, The Amazing Spiderman
Urm, blue red spandex. Need I say more?

#2 Marshall Erikssen
He is like sweet and sexy roll into one. Not that macho but Lily somehow makes him seems like a catch

#1 Jacob Black, of course.
Like duh~ Who else right? The bad boy look is too hard to say no to. He is protective and strong. He treats a girl like a lady. Urm, have I mentioned the abs? Absolute funny and has laugh that warm my heart.

Now, now I don't need blanket to be cozy anymore. Ever.


Hisyam said...

Yay I can hog the blanket now.

alfina said...

Main kasar eh~