Monday, October 7

Sigh. Deep Sigh. Deeper Sigh.




That is me blowing all the spiderwebs. Should be a lot since I lost my passion in anything.A long long time ago.

When was the last time I ever write?

It has been so long. I have not vent for so long. Hence the stress. The burnout feeling.

This is what it feels to be 26 and giving up on my job. This is how it feels when I no longer care. This is what it feels when your passion turn into a routine. A routine that you despise.This is how it feels when you no longer want to wake up every morning and face those unwilling morons.This is the feeling when you have to look at those eyes and value them through their marks they are supposed to produce.




I need those. 

Most of all I need willingness.

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