Monday, July 20

3rd Syawal

Yesterday, I stopped by Aeon Seremban 2 for prayers. All the way from Rembau to KL. Scratch that. I actually wanted to watch Ant-Man. Bahahaha. 

Anyway, the telekungs there were super nice, comfy and colourful. I wanted to take a selfie as a proof but there were other people and I thought I would looked extra vain. But I did search high and low for the brand of the telekung in case I could find it. 

I did not found any. I looked around Aeon too just to be sure if the telekungs were sold there, Nonhado. Because of the search (window-shopping, mind you) I was too tired and I thought I still had a long journey ahead, so I didn't watch Ant-man yet.

Maybe tomorrow, if Arif agreed to treat me. 

TGV Aeon AU2 is now operating. Yayyers!!

p/s: My life revolves a lot around Aeon. 

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