Monday, June 29

From rugs to riches

I am currently in Sydney. Deym, I am loving the weather here. Sun shining everyday bebeh. I am in no need of sweater at all.

The other day, Mard held a small makan2 at her place. Inviting me and Faris as guests of honour. Or was it only me? Not to sure. Food was delicious. Company was great. We hang around for quite some time, talking aimlessly and reminiscing good old days.

To my main point - the whole session Faris kept on bugging me on how quiet I was. He kept forcing me to speak up and stop being so shy. I was not shy. I did enjoy the whole evening. But I did keep to myself a bit. I mean, I laughed at the jokes, smiled for the camera and enjoyed my food. Still, not my usual jovial self that he thought he always knew.

I guess, people do change.

I am more careful with my words nowadays. I always find myself thinking at random times. I am more selectives of people I chat with. I no longer become friends to my friends' friend. I choose certain close friends to share secrets. I don't blab about every gossips I know (only the important one). I tend to process every information I obtained longer.

I learn from my mistakes. Many mistakes. That brought tears and broke certain hearts. That unite some and divide the others.

That's what people do.

I celebrated my 22th birthday the othe day and so far I dare say I have change. For the better. I hope.

p/s: will blog about my birthday soon.


~M i z a ~ said...

yup! agree..people do change..

Loving Life said...

happy belated birthday zt.. =)