Wednesday, June 17

I want new shoes

Mard came to Auckland the other day. Most people know that since I held a small get together at my place. She came for only 8 days, which was not enough. I planned a perfect vacation for her. I felt my plan was superb. We went to Coromandel, Cathedral Cove, Auckland Domain, Victoria Market, Western Springs, Chocolate Boutique, Sky Tower (we did Sky Walk!) and Pt Chev. Most of the time, it was raining. Both of us caught flu.

I asked her, while she was here, did she think I have change. Before I asked here, I have this made up assumption of her answer moight be. I bet she gonna say that I have grown mature and forward thinking (because I think I am!).

I can't remember everything she said. Some of the things she said was my fashion sense is different. She did not mentioned if its good or bad. She said something like I sometimes dress girlie-like for top and maintaining my sorta independence look at bottom or vice versa. I never realized that. It's kinda a new revelation to me.

She also said that I no longer have my girls around me. She said I used to have two or three girls around me. To hangout, to gossip, to just be there, to eat out, to share opinions. I no longer have those. I laughed at myself hearing her comment. I have to admit that.

Life changes.


Fatin Nordin said...

mature and forward thinking ek? hehe

Cikgu Puaka said...

hoh. adakah anda marah dgn saya? tp seriously, i'm thankful i have you. u made my auckland vac worth every penny.see u tomoro zeti

mOmO`e said...

~have grown mature and forward thinking (because I think I am!).~

aperr ntah kaitan ngan u want new shoes...