Monday, November 16

My 200th post

I watched 2012 just now. Sorta a reward for myself after being such a good girl. I studied so hard for my exam. And this evening marked my last exam for the year. I said its sorta a reward because I actually rather watch My Sister's Keeper than 2012. HR insisted on 2012.

Plus, I have a principle about watching a movie at cinemas. The movie should be worthwhile to watch in terms of sound system and graphic. So, a drama like My Sister's Keeper lost hands down to an action pack 2012.

Still, I love John Cusack!

Anyway, I don't like the movie. I really dont. The movie portray about the future and the destruction. A lot of people die. You can see the flood and all. I cried a lot during the movie. Every scene made me grip my hand so tight. I screamed a lot too.

My reward should make me happier and portray the end of books and assignments for the year. Instead the movie made me sad. Devastated. Scared. I dont like it. Oh, it also has some illogical stunt that made me go, "Eh?!"

You should watch it for yourself though.

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Hisyam said...

Congrats Dzeti for the 200th post! This is a milestone. Your blog should have got more and more readers. Trust me, it's THAT good