Sunday, November 15


I am expecting
  • a great lunch soon eaten at 4.30pm
  • an exam tomorrow
  • a huge celebration after exam
  • two great buddies coming to visit the day after tomorrow
  • bringing and showing them around for days after that
  • road trips after exam
  • my dad is visiting soon
  • more road trips with daddy dearest
  • Farewell Dinner
  • Expensive flight back to Malaysia
  • Eating KFC
  • Seeing familiar faces welcoming me~

My heart is exploding with joy and happiness.
I cant wait.


iXa said...

when u comin back? NZ will sure be missin u so much

Rum8 said...

i'm checking on you rum8 =)

alfina said...

Im coming back on the 3rd of Dec. Wait for we and will hang out soon..

alfina said...

UPDATED: done all that.