Saturday, April 3

One hell of a long lesson

Last week was a pretty hectic week. Only slept for a few hours each night. A massive pile up of unfinished work.

Last Tuesday was my fourth anniversary with HR. Celebrated it low-key style. I mean, its like every other night dinner with me putting make up on (than took less than three minutes) and wearing something different. We ate at an affordable place, mind you.

We agreed to only celebrate it the next week (Maybe by then my eye bags are less visible). Since none of us have time to bought presents yet, we settle for no present. But I did give HR a pre-anniversary gift, a poster (with our picture on it designed by my friend).

He was surprised. By my gift. By my appearance. After all he was only wearing slippers with a black kemeja that I adored.

Being creative, he gave me a big box as a gift. Impromptu gift that he collected at the Carrefour afterward. He said,

'This is for you. In this box, there is something better than you.'

I opened the box and its empty.

p/s: Nothing is better than me.


Anonymous said...

omg romantik siot

Booooo HR boooo said...

Are you sure he's not being such a cheapskate?

Booooo HR boooo said...

BTW, it was a great night. Thanks for everything

AnisS. said...

reading what hisyam got for u made me go 'awwwwww...sooo sweet!!' congrats u guys, smoga kekal hingga ke anak cucu, insyaAllah.