Friday, April 9

Yay! Finally cut my hair

HR and I couldn't help ourselves when we saw the Clash of the Titans tagline. C'mon!

"This year, the titans will clash". How original is that? It is lame, lame, lame.

How am I supposed to know despite the fact that the tagline is superlame, HR insisted that we watch the movie. He said we need to stay positive. Give this movie a chance to prove itself. It is supposed to be the-movie-of-year.

Shall I just go straight to my point...

  • I tot Perseus is Poseidon's son (The Lightning Thief). Now, he is Zeus son. Anak hasil rogol plak tuh. Whoever the father is, I really hope his mother does know the real father.
  • For a movie entitles Clash of the Titans, there are not many titans. or titans clashing. Not enough clashing to compensate the tagline.
  • The fighting scene is not really among the titans (the so-called-father-of-ZEUS-HADES-POSEIDON). So, nope. No clashing among the titans. Just between human, demi-god (anak luar nikah tu, Perseus) and some creatures.
  • 5 seconds of the ever scary Kraken. Itu pun senang je dihapuskan. Tak sempat nak takut. Dah jadi batu.
  • the usage of deus ex machina.
  • Boleh tak semua mati n tinggal anak hasil rogol Zeus je untuk selamatkan dunia.
  • Plus, I don't really think the hero face suits the Greek era. He just seems so modern.


Cikgu Puaka said...

well said zeti.

nway balik2 terus gunting rambut ke?

HR said...

Yeah, the guy looks so clean shaven while others are messy and have long hair. And he acts like a piece of wood too. But btw, Perseus IS supposed to be Zeus' son.

Now if you analyze Skop production's dramas like this you'll have tons to write about.haha

alfina said...

mard: balik2, lunch dulu. den tgk gossip girl. den mandi wajib. zuhur. asar. p gunting rambut. hoyeah!!

HR:Analyzing SKOP Production would be a long tanggling messy job with the same vocab use over and over and over again

aediasri said...
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aediasri said...

A : aedi, aku baru download the clash of the titans ni, jom a tengok.

aku : dakpe a, tengok a dulu

A : dvdrip ni bai

aku : dakpe a

A: kalau mu join, aku bagi rokok sebatang

aku : dakpe a, aku nok tengok semut ni angkat gula

A: 3 batang?

Aku: (diam membisu)

A: sekotak?

Aku : (mula goyah, tapi masih tabah)

A: dunhill 14 3 kotak, bukan langkawi punya, amacam?

Aku: ok la, ok la

hehe. semangat aku