Saturday, August 14

Happy fasting everyone

The Expendables is a must watch movie on my list. The attraction of the movie is it has so many action pack actors though I particularly hate Stallone but I heart Statham and Latrell. Especially Latrell. I just assumed it is a good movie.

Until I saw the line, 'A film by Stallone'.

I don't particularly like watching movie that is directed by the hero. For me, it's a syok sendiri movie. They usually portray the hero as the coolest strongest person in the movie. Well, they are the directors, so they can do whatever they can.

And I was right.

I don't like the movie. Apart from a few puns and one gorgeous cameo (the other one is fugly, mind you), the movie is fill with gory and bloody scene. I thought the moral of the story tak sampai. The issue pun tak diketahui.

Too many unneeded gory and bloody scene. I got it that they are bunch of though guys, no need the extra blood waste.

Easy said, I don't like Stallone.

p/s: I am glad when I watched Salt, the subtitle didn't translated the movie name as garam.


pika pikah said...

Expandalbles' subs in gsc sucks. it was supposed to be simple, yet the translation caused so much confusions! but i kinda enjoyed d movie tho. esp the one liners. =)

Hisyam said...

Hmmm don't feel like watching it if it's not recommended by Sweet Cupcake Monster.

Anyway, how did the sub translate "The Expendables"? "Boleh Dikorban"?

alfina said...

HR: tak perasan plak apa translationnnya..

Pikah : Banyak sangat 'intended pun'

Measroja said...

cte xd motif!moral tah ke cikgu?