Sunday, August 15

I want a lot of airplanes to make wishes to

  • I know I am getting more and more adult when I rarely updated my playlist and I keep listening to the same old song from the 90s.
  • It's pathetic that only at the age of 23 I learned to really truly appreciate Solat Terawih. Itu pun lepas dengar ceramah Ihya Ramadhan kat sekolah.
  • I know I'm now categorized as adult when my favourite radio station is because it also plays the now-oldies-songs from the 90s.
  • I hate Justin Bieber. I just don't understand the sudden craze over him.
  • Grown Ups is a funny film that will surely make you laugh your heart and stomach out. That's it.
  • I realized that I can't be the 'garang' teacher at all. I always give in to their silly jokes.


iXa said...

You JUST realized these? I dah perasan sejak tahun 2009 lagi. We're daymn old Zet!!!

alfina said...

Apparently I'm in denial, haha

Hisyam said...

Even 2000's songs are considered oldies. Hmm we are all old people!

alfina said...

oh man, 2000's songs are oldies too??
im depress