Tuesday, August 10

I'm not much on reading the newspapers or watching the news. I don't know why~

But when I do read one, I scrutinize to every inch of it. Even the obituary, the advertisement. That's why one paper can take me about 3 days to finish. I always found funny news on the paper. ALWAYS have one.

The other day, I was reading The Sun, the free one.

I read about the 'penggalakkan' for young horny teenagers to get married. This is to avoid the current issue which is 'pembuangan bayi'. They sorta wanting to allow teenagers at the age of 16 to be married (if they dah tak tahan sangat dah). They mentioned about at least the baby will grow up to a proper family,bla bla bla, kukuhkan institutusi kekeluargaan bla bla, tanggungjawab, bla bla bla.

I thought it was interesting and amusing.

For me, there is always an inclination to push aside the blame or propose a short-term-solution. plan. (Elak buang bayi, elakan zina, kahwin awal)

Next 2 years or so, there will be more alarming issue, like divorce issues or keruntuhan institusi kekeluargaan due to this-lustful-marriages.

Marriage is never only just about 'menghalalkan apa yang haram'. It's about a lot more than that. Commitment, responsibilities, sharing, sacrifice, spending whole life and a lot more. Definitely worth thinking and rethinking about.

At that young age, they wouldn't have a proper job that can support a family. There are always issues with money. Is not easy to raise a baby. Or a family. They wouldn't have mature enough. They have never dealt with anything more than, where can we do it without getting caught?

I wonder, what would another short-term-solution for too many divorces in Malaysia then?

HR's commented something like this;

Bertambah lagi lah manusia yang bodoh di Malaysia ni. Dah la bodoh. Galak sangat tapi tak nak guna protection. Buang bayi. Nanti si bodoh-bodoh ni kawin, hasilkan lagi banyak yang bodoh. Kalau tak pun, sebab bodoh sangat, bercerai. Lepas tu anak-anak terbiar, tertekan. Buat seks. More babies. This time around, even the parents can't say a thing.

That's not how he said it. It's my version of his words.

p/s: It's too bad that we are smart people and we have to always think about the marriage. Just think. Hahaha.


aediasri said...

condom, anyone?

iXa said...

patutnya kat blogger ada button "like". so i nak "like" this entry.

i admire how you foresee the anticipated alarming issue in the next two years.