Wednesday, September 1

Cendol tetap pilihanku

I felt a little guilty because I didn't do any important patriotic act this year. Didn't even go the parade, which I always love to see (not to be a participant). I should have celebrate harder.

But I make up my lack of enthusiasm on the day with other activities days before days after.

My friends and I coached a few students to perform a few performances during Majlis Ambang Merdeka in my school. It was fun training them. Their performances received loud claps so I bet it was a success.

I even judged a patriotic singing competition between classes at school. They were all dressed nicely and very colourful. Their performances were very interesting and lovely. It was hard to choose winners but I did.

So, I am all geared up for patriotic spirit.

Happy 53th Merdeka Day!!

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