Friday, September 3

Back to basic

Various people have various opinion on the 'buang bayi' issue. Notice I am using a Malay term? Yup, this is because there's no specific English term for it. Just because only Malays are up to this kind of behaviour.

I know the safest option is to 'kahwin' but desperate horny people are just dumb people who could care less as long as they got it.

There is a lot of people all over the world having pre-marital sex but most of them are smart enough to use protection. Be safe.

I am not saying I am encouraging pre-marital sex but if they really do need it, there is no stopping or advising them.

Yup, regardless how 'innocent' you think Malaysian youth is, let's just go back to basic. Wear a condom. Teach them to wear one. Make them wear one. Force them to wear one.


lovemenot said... true la weh.cepatla kahwin then!!

alfina said...

PErgh.. tunggu keje dulu