Monday, February 14


Hello.. hello.. hello... hello..

Oh yes! That is the echo greeting since I'm currently residing in Gua Musang.

I just bought my Celcom Broadband yestrerday. Due to over-excitedness, I already lost the cap of the modem. Dang~

Everynight, before I went to sleep, in the half-lit room (thanks to the porch light), I will be looking around the room, feeling a bit of emptiness inside. With the room's furniture being so simple and barely there, it adds more to the feeling.

Though it's different when I'm awake and about. I live with two friends that I know since in IPBA. I have IPBAmate in my school. The feeling is barey there. Plus, I have IPBA friends everywhere here in Gua Musang. In every corner.

The place is not that bad. Some of the people are friendly. Some looks at you with their eyes rolling because I don't speak their dialects. Some cared enough to ask where I am from. Most people are able to regconize I'm a teacher with just one glance.

It's a developing town. It's a 'pekan persinggahan'. It's expensive. You can find all the familair banks here. It's very near to Cameron Highland, mind you. Also, the MDGM is so hardworking. You will be fined easily like you wont believe here.

I'm embracing it.

p/s: Despite it being near nature, caves and all, it's so hot here.


Hisyam said...

Hahaha gotta love the echo part.

I'm so glad you're coping and things aren't so bad. What a good start!

Measroja said...

rindu cikgu!

pika pikah said...

good for u babe, embracing the life atm. =)

hg housing ngan sapa lg?

alfina said...

hisyam: it was ami's idea. he called me the other day and pretend to hear echoes.

Roja: miss ya toooooo..

Pikah : Syaz and Sakinah.

Fatin Nordin said...

i hello u thru fon eh haaha