Monday, February 21

Just a bit of marshmallow

In teaching not so good English proficiency level class, I usually played games with them. They made me laugh with their jokes. I felt happy hanging out with them. Those silly impromptu jokes always made my day. Make my sweats worthwhile.

Today I playes, "Guess what's in the box?" for adjectives. They need to close their eyes and describe the thing inside using adjectives. They came with many intersting stuff based on their friends description.

I'm glad I won't be called a pedo if I have a crush on my students. Just cougar~

And I can live with that

p/s: LDR sucks big time.


iXa said...

ldr definitely sucks.

now u know it.

alfina said...

true. esp if the boyfie skola ptg and the girfie skolah pgi.

Fatin Nordin said...

hhahahaha paper clip story

Felicia said...

deymn.. n i missed out on seeing your 'crush'... lol...