Tuesday, July 5

Life is definitely not a cookie

Once upon a time, during a Pendidikan Islam exam there was a student who ask me to read the jawi part of the question. I read it to her. She felt so amazed. Like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I felt weird.

Yeah I can read that but not that I understand the meaning of the words in Arabic. It was a hadith by the way.

Then, she continued on pointing at Quranic verse for me to read. Innocently, I read it to her. She is even more amazed. She oohhh and awww. She even told her friends.

The friends were also gasping in disbelief.

It hit me.

Hampeh sungguh budak2 ni.. Weyh hampa ingat aku tak reti baca Quran ka wey?


iXa said...

typical remarks towards cikgu bi

Loving Life said...

Happened to me too. Satu kelas tepuk tengok I tulis jawi.