Tuesday, March 27

Glow in the dark

Just now in school, while I was bodek-ing my kerani kewangan about the tunggakan gaji that I really don't know when will appear, the kerani mentioned about how lately I've been looking more radiant. (Maybe the kerani tried to change the topic to shoo me away). The kerani even asked what product that I used.

I said, "Seri pengantin."

The kerani blinked for awhile. Showed serious face. Tried thinking about the product I mentioned. Recalling any advertisment. Only after awhile the kerani got my joke.

Then the kerani showed confius face, "Awak dah kahwin ke?"

"Takla. Lambat lagi. Macam mana nak kahwin, tunggu tunggakan baru boleh buat kenduri."

1 comment:

Hisyam said...

Dont you glow all the time?