Thursday, March 22

Of SPM results

I am not quite sure myself how we actually do. But no one yells at me for being a lousy teacher. My Ketua Panitia and Ketua Bidang said Congratulations.

So it must be awesome news.

As far as I know, none of my students got A. Regardless of what type of A.

It sadden me a bit.

OK, a lot.
A lot than I show.

But some brighten up my day with their B+s and Bs.

Of course, despite my pack and busy bee schedule, some students were eager enough to share with me their results. Some even visited me at home. Some dragged me out of class.

They care enough to share and I am happy for them.

"So, teacher, saya nak jadi cikgu ni. Layak tak?"

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Hisyam said...

That must make you feel like on top of the world. Congrats. So proud of u!