Saturday, July 7

This is so not a complaint.

This year my birthday was on a Saturday. It should be fun except HR got school that day. We woke up kinda late because HR was busy key-in his PBS marks till wee hours the night before. Me? Just because.

Despite running around the house getting ready (read:me still in the duvet), HR managed to whip out some simple breakfast in bed. It was quite simple. Just some roti telur and air kosong. 

After tossing and turning, I woke up to clean the house a bit (my bff is coming to inspect the house). I saw the aftermath of the kitchen. My gosh, I tell you. It's like he cooked 3 course meal for an army.

Yes, it is the thought that count. I didn't say anything to him.

Why air kosong you might ask? Because my darling husband didn't know where to find our sugar container. Yes, a part of the mess was him trying to locate the sugar container and failed.

Yes, he is the typical man who doesn't know the location of anything in the house including his own stuff. Sometimes, he would call me at school to ask about his belongings whereabouts.

It is cute, no?

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Hasyim Razali said...

I bet your idiot husband will soon call you at school asking about HIS whereabout in the house.