Tuesday, July 10


We managed to go out for a date last weekend. Despite school on Saturday, tiredness, school work, in-laws at home and house need cleaning. Despite now as a couple, I rather stayed home and decorate and do house work.

Anyway, a happy time just the two of us. Simple one but meaningful one.

Woke up late. As usual. It is hard to woke HR up I tell you. Especially I am always persuaded to join him. And we are loving the bed (thanks Abah). And of course the bed loves us so much more. Later, prepared brunch as HR hang the cleaned clothes. 

Went to JPO to look for my birthday present. I want a purse. And we didn't find any. Such a high taste that I got. Went to IOI Kulai and watched Spidey.

I love it. I cried a few times. It is such an emotional movie I tell you. I especially love Emma Stone and Spidey awesome behind. LOL.

p/s: HR told me that, the other version of Spiderman, included The Ultimate Spiderman. Nice way to learn synonyms.

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Fatin Nordin said...

ohmygod, i cried as well! but one time only. hehe