Thursday, October 11

Learn and don't complain

I rarely talk about my current school.

Though I am making close friends here, I find the school bearable. Something that I have to get up for but not looking forward too, not chirpy kinda way.

I am a class teacher - Like duhh~ To a very hyperactive always talking class. I am teaching almost 30 periods per week and the school ends at 2.30pm. Boring~

It was PMR week right. And I don't feel a thing. Like some teachers are so nervous and wanting to know the questions, I am not. I am closed with my F3 kids here. 

However, yesterday, I'm in charge for taking care of the PMR kids in my school. Ketua Guru Bertugas somemore. Me and my teams are supposed to ensure their safety, attendance and others.

Under my care, there were a lot of incidents. I'm not proud of but I'm sharing because it is something you might want to learn from.

A student came with t-shirt KoQ. In the midst of many teachers, I have no idea who asked the student to change but he went back to change and did not come for the first paper. I was nervous wreck. I was busy doing something else and only then I realized. We called the parents who were at work and couldn't care less. As teachers, we should not do that. Just let the students enter the hall and only the Ketua Pengawas can/should do anything about it.

Another student accidently pooped his pants. Like WTF moment but crisis need to be handled.

He is not so bright student so his is so ashamed of the incident. Me and some friends rushed around the school looking for extra pants for the poor kiddo. He took his time changing. Perhaps he is more shy than anything else. It did not help me when the Ketua Pengawas called me about the missing kid whereabouts. I had to tell him we had a poop incident. 

He managed to go in the hall within the 30 minutes time frame. Just barely.

Ahh ~ Experience is the awesomest teacher.

During the lunch break, after letting the students off to find food and reminding them about prayers time I went and have a break. Little did I know I was supposed to be there in flesh in the surau and made sure each and everyone prayed. I should had known but I didn't. 

And unlucky me, during that tiny frame of time that I left them to chill, there was a fight between the PMR kids. One boy got a punch. Thank God just one punch and that's it. He was all bengkak taking his Geography paper. And he managed to answer it without complaining much. It was a fight about motorcycle and borrowing without permission thing.

Other than that, everything went smoothly. I think.

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