Tuesday, October 9

Moving forward

I totally notice that most of my ramblings are revolving around me, HR and married life. That's like my current happiness.

So far, that's life for me. Also, girls day(s) out. And, teaching.

Nowadays, I find teaching and lesson planning to be a dread. Might be because the students which are totally different from my GM bunch. Or the environment which is so exam-oriented. Or maybe the fact that I spend at least 8 of my waking hours in school alone, making me refuse to think about school outside of it. 

Or maybe I don't have my side-kick Felicia with me whom I can depend on most of the time and whom I can plan awesome activities with. Or maybe my English Panel used to be more happening than current one.

It also got to do with missing my GM clan - Saqinah, K.Ay, Syaz and Aiman.Planning events which mostly revolved around eating and dieting. Sometimes at the same time. =)

While I love my current life, I do miss the old one~


Anonymous said...

teacher ! !
hehehee wahh ade visitor from egypt!
tc slmt mnmpuh suasana bru di sekolah bru.nok g new zealand jugok.
heheehe tc, doakan sy dcini :)

Faiz Taiko
-Kelas Malam-
MMGM 2011

Anonymous said...

it was real cool having you around, being the 'different' ones in school. and planning lessons with you are always fun!

Will try to make a trip to johor, and u better welcome me with open arms lol.

alfina said...

Faiz : Im proud of you.

Felicia : I will open all my arms and doors for you babe!