Tuesday, April 30


It was a school day last Saturday. Though I dreaded it very very much, I still came to school.

My very own class only had 5 students out of 25.

My 5F, the one that I am teaching that day only had 6 kids, and 2 went missing right after we finish the morning assembly to take attendance.

I bribed the 5F with Cloud 9 to stay put but that only lasted for a few minutes. Nah, I don't bribe. I actually gave the the Cloud 9 as an appreciation for coming to school.

As we were just casually talking (they were already feeling restless and wanting to move about), I tricked them with my iPhone 5. I put on songs, showed some grammar games. 

One kid asked me, "Jadi teacher paham la semua lagu English ni?" Me, not fully aware of where the question will lead just nodded my head.

"Best eh jadi Cikgu Bahasa Inggeris, semua lagu Bahasa Inggeris boleh paham."

Gosh, such a shallow thinking.

All I want to say to him, if you are good in English, you would understand it. Not needing to be an English teacher. 

I feel sad looking at these kids. They are very not exposed to the real world. 

Sometimes, it is sadder that they don't want to be exposed. They really like their tiny cocoon. 

As much as I tried, sometimes, me too, gave up and let them and their cocoon. And for that, I blame myself and the freakingly heavy and useless workload.

I think it is the workload. I am an awesome teacher~

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