Sunday, April 7

8th year.

This entry is long delayed.

It is meant to be on 30.03.13. On our anniversary. Our dating anniversary. Our 8th year.

I always thought HR is the one that couldn't live without me. That loved me more than I love him. That  courted me first (well, he did that one for sure). That wouldn't able to continue without me.

I was wrong.

Whenever I have to be / do / go somewhere/thing without him, I will be restless. Bothered. Worried. Tense. Uptight.

I am the one who is always anxious without him. Missing him. Calling him. Looking around for him. SMSing him.Thinking about him. 

Like whenever I had to be busy with bff weddings or outings with the girls, I always left him behind. I didn't have the heart to bore him with the girlie stuff. He would wait. Patiently. Smiling always. At the side. Watching me in action. 

Truth is, I am the one who couldn't live without him. That loved him more. That wouldn't able to continue  without him. That would constantly be missing him. That wanting him by my side. All the time.

Happy 8th  Anniversary, sayang.

HR, with his 25th birthday gift.

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