Monday, March 3

together ~

Not dead yet
Already in my bed
Curving on my side
With red skin tight

Step out for a walk
In the alley so dark
Flower in one hand
Sweets on the other end

I will never be a substitute
He is on my pursuit
Please don’t be rude
You are not even cute

Not yet dissipate
Snug print of my butt
From the leather seat
Yet your g-string held tied

Stir up a coffee
No sugar for me
I might be bossy
But I am a beauty!

The arched physique makes me sick
Mahogany mystique, not epic!
Might be slick but can’t apply a lipstick

You are not my replacement
He will not be abandon
Love for him will never lessen
In fact you are not a woman

Shit, its a guitar!

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