Saturday, March 1

Pilihan Alfina tetap HR

The other day, I was watching a drama. Malay drama. A cerekarama; Pilihan Rozana.

I was watching alone as HR was in the other room doing his music thingie.

Microphone included. 

I prefer to watch alone anyway because HR loves to complain about everything in a Malay drama. 

The storyline
The actors
The dialogue
The make up
The props
The location
The food
The wardrobe
The music

Basically, everything.

After a while, he came and seek for me in the living room. And he did what he did best. I had to finally stop him from disturbing me. 

"Abang, ini pilhan Rozana ok! Rozana! Bukan pilhan Hisyam!" I didn't use the exclamation mark of course. However, HR didn't budge. Finally, I switched off the television and said we should sleep. 

After all, it was Saturday night and Sunday is a school day for us in Johore.


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Husky Rusty said...

Pilihan Alfina tiada aktor lelaki utama yang cukup kacak dengan kepala cukup lebaq.