Tuesday, April 8


It's interesting to have your husband working in the same profession with you. For one, on bad days, he always understands when you said the kids drive you nuts that day and you need time off from cooking. He always allows me to buy cool stuff for the kids esp now that I am a class teacher. 

Bad thing is when I have to understand why he has to stay overnight during camps or work extra hours to train the marching kids. 

We are also able to finish each other sentences when 'mocking' the kids excuses.

"Teacher, buku apa?"
"Ni saya dah tulis. Literature."

"Teacher, buat apa dengan kertas ni?"
"Senyum je kat kertas tu, nanti dia senyum balik kat awak!"

"Sir, tak bawak..."

"Teacher, selang tak?"
"Kalau selang, cantik. Kalau xselang, jimat."
"Selang x cikgu?"

There's no winning with the kiddos. On the good days, their attitude makes you laugh. On bad day, oh, let's just pray for no bad days in teaching. 

p/s: U know how I try to cater to gardner's mutiple intelligence, writing what u say on the board (visual learners), repeating your words (oral learners), mimicking my words and asking them to do the same (kinesthetic learners) and even rhyming them for them musical bunch, it does not usually work. They just simply needing you to over and over and over answering them. No intelligence at all. Sometimes maybe me and hisyam should come up with the Multiple Idiocies.

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Felicia said...

teacher, i think u rawk!