Sunday, June 11

Count your blessings.

Recently, in the fasting month while visiting HR's parents in Rembau, we encountered a flat tyre. With the parents in the car, we heard a thud and more thuds as the car continued to move.

We stopped.

HR confirmed it was a flat tyre and we changed course to a nearby tyre shop. It was nearby because we were in the city. On our way to drop HR's dad to the Klinik Kesihatan.

All I could think of was the cost. The money. Cash. Blingbling. Moolah.

Especially with Eid celebration around the corner.

Stress could not best describe me at that time. I was beyond that.

Came an old Chinese uncle. "Banyak untung maa!" He said to me as he looked at the condition of the tyre.

I gave him a tight smile.

And I reflected.

Gosh. I was lucky.

The tyre was bad. Both back tyres were actually. Even the edges and wires came out.

Licin. Botak. Haus.

We were fortunate. We were driving quite peacefully. Slowly. Not on the highway. Near a tyre shop. No accidents. No lives lost.

We were blessed surely.

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Horrendous Royalty said...

Welcome back to writing!

No more bald tyres in the future, I'll make sure. No bald heads, I can't promise.