Saturday, June 17

Malam Seribu Bulan

The other day as I was browsing through the television, I stumbled across Ustaz Shamsul Debat talking about Lailatulqadar.

He was talking about the benefits and the deeds.

He mentioned something that made me had a "duh" moment.

He said some of the ibadah that women can do is cook and pack nasi goreng and send to  Balai Bomba or Balai Polis or wherever. This is called ibadah too and sedekah somemore.

All this while when people mentioned Lailatul Qadar, it is often associated with pray or read the Quran. Im not saying it is wrong but it totally opens my eyes.

So off I go to tuition with the intention to ibadah. (I used to think that tuition session disrupt my ibadah but none the wiser). I continued baking cookies with the intend to feed people.

Maybe it is not the same but I feel happier though. Who knows.

Who can really say my Terawih prayers are better than teaching ten eager kids?

All is in the intention. I think.

p/s: He is my current favourite Ustaz coz his name got Sham and he is from Nogori like my other half.

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