Saturday, September 16

I love waffle

Lately I have been travelling more and more. By bus.

To and fro KL.

I wish it is overseas. Blergh.

I noticed that the buses I rode rarely stopped at the designated RnR stop. Which is weird for me.

I am used to the RnR facilities.

These other stops are not bad. They are just different.

In a good way - it is less crowded than those in Machap and Pagoh RnR. Especially during the long holiday. It is quite clean. It has nice view. Spacious. Variety of food. (Why am I complaining again?)

Oh yes. It is so expensive. So so so blood thirsty expensive. A cup of hot coffee from the machine is RM6 ++. My favourite waffle? RM4.50.

And being superstitious that I am. All the signanges are in Chinese. So I don't buy much food there. Then again, if Burger Ramly is like RM7, how much do you think is the Nasi Goreng?

Do the math.

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