Wednesday, September 13

Life update ~

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Just TV series that I am into nowadays.

  • How To Get Away With Murder -Suspense. Dramatic. Out of the mind. Hot. Hot guys. Steaming.Very recommended.  4/5 stars.
  • GOT - Do? I? Need? To? Elaborate? 5/5 stars. But I do feel this new season is quite fast. I mean one second they are in Winterfell another blink they are already in Dragonkeep. Though, have I mentioned DRAGONS?
  • Riverdale - Team Jughead. Enuf said. 4.5/5 stars.
  • Narcos - I just started watching it. 4  episodes so far. For me, it is just series I watched to kill time. I'm not into stories with subtitles. Or drugs. Unrelatable to me. Like Breaking Bad (HR is gonna kill me if I admit that story sucks!)
  • OITNB - Too many women. Too much drama. Not my thing. I did watch the whole first season. 2/5 stars.
  • Suits - Haven't start this season yet.
  • Modern Family - Happiness. Pure jolly good time for me.
  • TBBT - Raj Kootrapalli FTW!!!!!!!

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