Monday, March 22

teh tarik satu

I love laksa. Always have always will. My mom loves laksa too. She always cooks it. Laksa becomes one of our supplement food besides nasi. She cooks the best laksa in town. I love her laksa.

Every time I wanna eat outside, I always avoid ordering laksa (if the place is selling one). I have always eaten laksa, making ordering one outside seems redundant. I always try to order food I cannot cook or something special. That's why we eat outside right.

I also feel somehow I am betraying my mom if I order or eat laksa outside. It feels like I don't give my mom enough credit of her laksa and I need to get out ordering one. Seems like I am denying her laksa of the most sedap laksa in the whole wide world. I just feel bad.

My mom never knows that of course.

I am lame.


Mr. Abdul Razak Idrus said...

If your children inherit this tendency, I bet they'll never ever eat outside.

alfina said...

oh good.
i am a cheapskate.

iXa said...

i miss your mum's laksa.

pika pikah said...

Yr mom made one of d best laksa! U know how i dun eat laksa much, except when cooked by my mom. And now, yr mom got d priority s well. Cuz they make goodddd laksa!

alfina said...

betcha she'll be so proud of people liking her laksa.
it is the best