Thursday, March 25

Yawn a big yawn

I think I have established how boring lectures session can be. With the un-condusive environment, the lack of seating space and the so-unreliable-LCD Projector, one not only can easily fall asleep but also busy not paying attention. Or like me, blogging.

Yesterday, one of my classmates, who was sitting next to me, not paying attention of course, asked me after almost 45 minutes of the lecture,

"Subjek apa eh ni?"

Before I could answer, I laughed my heart out.

How disconnected can you be when you don't even know what subject it was?


farah aminuddin said...


keladi kepunyaan lelaki itu said...

Perhaps how un-conducive can the venue be till some students get so disconnected? Hahaha.

But for some people, conducive ke tak same je, still doze off during lectures. People like me.

(Hmm...why am I so proud of this?)

alfina said...

hisyam, u r always proud of ur ability to sleep. i know it.