Monday, March 1

it's always me - part 3

Is there a possibility that someone might not know they are so freakishly annoying? I mean I reflect on my teachers (and lecturers), they don't seem to know that they are killing me softly with their lesson.

What if one day I become an annoying teacher and I don't know the fact that I am annoying? I will be thinking that I'm cool but the students actually talk bad about me behind my back. What if I am no longer relevant or unable to relate to the students?

I hope not to become an annoying teacher.


Hisyam kot said...

You're going to be an annoyingly lovely teacher. Hehe.

But in all seriousness, you might wanna conduct a survey or something. You know, macam action research. Cewwwahhhhh.

"What if I am no longer relevant or unable to relate to the students?". Funny that I was thinking about the same exact thing. Today,I imagined myself as that young teacher who knows all teenagers' latest in-thing, gets up-to-date and remains 'cool' for long. But then, I thought someday there will be a point where I turn to be that lagging old 'sir' who's stuck in my own era. I visualized myself saying "What, you guys have never heard of the word 'poyo'?"

Or maybe I'm imagining too much

pika pikah said...

deym, hisyam, u guys r starting to think alike now? that's true love! haha!

btw, poyo??? =D