Tuesday, January 4

Peppermint Tea

I am happy and proud to announce that I had watched every worth watching movie in cinemas. And yes, that include Ngangkung. Oh, what I do for the one I love - Shahiziey Sam.

Anyway, now I'm off to watch the movie which had won more awards than I ever expected - Evolusi KL Drift 2. On the bright side, Shahiziey Sam starred in it. I want to understand the reasons of the non-stop winning.

On the side note, please don't go and watch The Tourist if you loathe Jolie. Not even because you really like Johnny Depp.

p/s: Enlighten me how can one direct a movie and be a star in it?


Ok, now i see the logic behind the awards. Since I'm in the mood to watch Malay movies, I did a marathon. And I love Pisau Cukur. Amazing..


Hisyam said...

When I directed my first of the many award winning features (and obviously starred in it), I hired an assistant to, you know, assist me, especially when directing scenes which I was in (which were all of them). It was quite difficult but it gave an ego boost of epic proportions! I'm way awesome.

Anyway, you left out Hantu Mak Limah. Movie of the decade tu...

alfina said...

i havent watch that.
didnt i mention. movie worth watching?
and not wen awie is the star. he's so last season.

Fatin Nordin said...

the tourist not good? well im not a big fan of jolie anyways.

alfina said...

the tourist is good..
jus too much portrayal of jolie and how supposedly stunning she is.
I mean, I know she is stunning.. but dun hav to flaunt it too much

Anonymous said...

mashitah loves pisau cukur. like she can recite some of the scene dengan gaya2 skali. cengkih mengkih, tak ada!

aediasri said...

zeti, pegi tengok hantu kak limah!
ni bukan awie sembilu-style.