Monday, January 24

the view from here

There was one incident where one guy honked his huge expensive car when I was nearby. I thought I was blocking his way or something so I peeped at his extravagant tinted window, (preparing to jeling if he wanna show me fingers).

Nope, he was happily waving at someone far from me or the car. Excitedly.

Oh how I wished I could let him know how ridiculous he looked waving through a tinted window. Obviously his friend couldn't see him. Even I merely catched his shadow.

Nak sgt tingkap tinted kan~


Now you get to watch her leave
Out the window
Guess that's why they call it window pane
-Love the way you lie -

Well, I just think that Eminem's trying to teach us homophones. Same sound different meaning. Different spelling. Pane & Pain.


The other day the window of the car that I drove to work daily (Myvi) was broken into. They stole the Smart Tag. Yup, I kept it in the dashboard but it's no help. Glasses were everywhere. I was so panicked that I had to call someone.

I'm perfectly clueless and scared.

I mean I parked at a safe area. Busy area where people lalu-lalang. In front of market. In a parking box. Paid and show the parking tag with coins and all.

Thank goodness for a decent elder brother and his colleagues.

I'm pretty scared to open my windows nowadays to ventilate my own room. With my preferences to put my gadgets everywhere in my room (near my bedside, on my bed - both places that are near to the window), I could not risk it.

Learned my lesson, robber!

Puffy room is better than being poorer than I am now.


Hisyam said...

Trust me, Eminem was why I chose to become an English teacher.

You must be really scared throughout the MyVi thing. Thank goodness the ordeal was over.

You know what's worse than waving behind a tinted window? Using hand gestures when giving instructions through the phone.

pika pikah said...

baru prasan entry ni! thanks God they didn't hijacked the car while u were driving or sumting. at least ur safe... =)