Sunday, January 30

Kedondong Madu

Oh, what I do for the men I love.

I succeeded forcing HR to watch my heroes in respective movie; Haq and Khurafat. Oh yes, Zulhuzaimy is one of my boyfriends.

I thought Haq was not bad. I mean the visuals and the camera play. Tapi overused sket r. The only thing that was going through my mind was, "Apa bajet untuk mekap takde ker sebab awal scene dah ada kereta meletop?" I mean I can see all the jerawat and jeragat. Including Fatimah Abu Bakar's. Somehow I thought, Raja Farah's lipgloss looks kinda cheap. Tapi scene Adi Putra and Nanu meletops. Tak sangka Finas lepaskan. Dahsyat!

As for Shamsul, I thought his storyline was all over the place. Like there are few uneeded scenes. Oh, Liyana Jasmay looks so young to be someone's wife (or is that my jealousy talking?). I have to admit I squinted my eyes most of the Khurafat scenes. Gosh, it was surreal. It was worth the money.

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pinkrain said...

Dzet, I watched both the movie too. I dragged my cousins n my bro to watch it with me. I find haq's cinematography quite awesome especially the camera angles. Gotta love it. It just dat the story was moving too slow n cerita dia sikit je.Like seriously slow n yeah, makeup. Teruk, kan. the bonus part watching dat movie, ada Sean ghazi. Huhu.
N khurafat, I think the story was ok except that syamsul was a bit kaku. Voice. Man. Dubbing tak kemas. N liyana jasmay serious mCam adik syamsul. N watak dia tak best Sbb tak berkembang. I think sabrina Ali punya lakonan, Terbaikla. But, like u said, worth Ur money Sbb cerita tu berani.

*komen ala2 movie critic.