Friday, February 25

I googled the word rebuke just now. Dem, my English is getting rusty.

I told Mard I was a bit depressed just now. She asked me why.
I told her, I'm in Gua Musang.
Do I need a better reason?


Anonymous said...

i LOL-ed at the title. dejavu

pinkrain said...

my year 3 student was asking me, teacher, no.five tu apa?

yeah. n dzeti, hold on.sabar.i know its lame but, it helps, sumtimes. maybe. huhu.

alia amirah said...

mula mula sampai dabong aku pun depressed gak. plus its not even a bandar. very small town. then I talked to one of the teachers there. he said, "jange risa. kalu ado gu (aka good company) n rumoh gak, bole idup laluh"

u'll be fine! enjoy your hols! ;)