Monday, May 16

one beautiful cupcake for myself

they asked me; why teaching? why become a teacher? surviving these days with teacher's salary?

yup, all with that sceptical look and judging glance.

it's all about priorities. yes, i would love to live in a huge bungalow, wear couture, drive expensive car, dine in cute cafes and extravagant restaurants. yes all those would make me happy.

but i also love laughing at form 1s silliy jokes. listening to their views of the world and how they perceive the adults around them. absolutely love chasing the form 2s around the class. giving disapproving look to the f5s who smoke. giving advice to those who seeks and also to those who does not seek for it. being the love doctor (apart from real doctor who treat from simple cuts to major cramps). always thinking about others before me.

this job, it keeps you young. running about with them. laughing till the tears come out. these are the days when the biggest problem is boyfriend/girlfriend issues.

have i mentioned the long holidays?

Happy Teacher's Day, lovelies!!

p/s: it's so cool when you can inspired someone.

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