Saturday, May 14

Of Female and Cleo

I bought a magazine yesterday. It had been awhile since I buy one. I haven't finish flicking through the magazine yet when this sudden feeling hit me.

I miss browsing magazines with my friends.

Flicking through the pages together. Exchanging the magazines from room to room. Comparing what accessories we like and laugh together at the silliness of the models. Then, we will mark pages that we like, go to suggested hangout places, answer the quizzes and also examine the articles so very closely and relate them to our life.

It was the best time.

Now, even if I wanted to buy stuff in the magazine, it has to wait. Wait till I'm back in KL.

It is too depressing to read the magazine. Dang!

On the plus side, I am saving money. (NotthatIreceivedmypayyet.)

p/s: I just find out that Blake Lively is the model for Chanel. Am I that outdated?

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Hisyam said...

Duh, Dzeti.. How come you didn't know that?