Tuesday, June 21

Pop-up Card

Sometimes being an English teacher in Gua Musang can be dreadful. However, yesterday proved to be something different. Out of ideas finding ideas to teach the young learners, we did a word search puzzle (Thanks Felicia!) on birthday celebration.

After I yada,yada,yada about vocabulary around birthday and celebration, I taught the kids to do pop-up cards (Thanks Felicia!). My earlier plan is to teach them how to do invitation card for their birthday party.

I changed the idea to making a birthday card for me!

Yes, me!

I know! Vain, right?

That is one of the perks of being a teacher - forcing students to create a birthday card for you! A pop-up card summore.

So, this Thursday, I am expecting at least 30 cards.

So ponder upon this my dear friends who are architects and lawyers with huge salary, "Ko ade?"


Hisyam said...

Yeah. Take that! We are engineering the future. 30 pop-up cards at a time.

(BTW, please share their work here)

alfina said...

hahaha. wiiiiiiiiii..

felicia~ said...

am loving the 'special credits' here...
am loving the awesomely vain you...

probably should extend this to another class... then there will be 55 birthday cards ;)